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 Infra-Red Mixer Taps
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 Thermostatic Shower Valves
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 Sirrus DocM


Infra-Red Mixer Taps

Electronic mixer taps and urinal controls offer an extremely hygienic alternative to conventional systems, due to their ‘non-touch’ operation. This is an advantage to catering, pharmaceutical and educational sectors. They work via an infra-red sensor which activates when the field is broken, setting off a timed flow of water, saving up to 80% of normal water consumption.

Pulse 8 Automatic Tap

The Pulse 8 Automatic spout is the only one of its type with non infra red operation. It senses the users approach automatically through “capacitive discharge”. Thermostatic controlled delivery is ensured with the complementary Sirrus range of blending or group mixing valves.

shower panelsShower Panels

A range of shower panels have been designed to offer solutions for showering areas that are in the public domain. A wide range of panels are available to suit specific user requirements, ranging from low risk public areas to high risk contained areas. The choice of controls coupled with a variety of shower accessories offer many options to the user or specifier, from simple push button timed flow versions with anti-vandal heads which offer security against misuse and prevent of excessive water consumption to thermostatic shower valves with the luxury of flexible slide rail accessories. For added luxury and increased safety against vandalism, there is also an infra-red shower control combined with an anti-vandal head.

Single Point Thermostatic Mixing Valves

These Thermostatic mixing valves are designed primarily for single outlet use. They are designed to supply safe, blended hot water for taps, showers, baths, bidets or process control in hospitals, schools, leisure centres, industrial areas or around the home, indeed anywhere that requires the delivery of safe blended hot water. They feature 15mm or 22mm inlet connections, including isolation (where specified) and a bent elbow on the TS603E+ for ease of installation. All single outlet mixing valves are approved to TMV3 standards.

Group Control Mixing Valves

Thermostatic Group Control Mixing Valves are offered with 15mm, 22mm and 28mm supplies and are designed to deliver safe, stable hot water at a thermostatically controlled temperature to single or multiple outlets for bathing, showering, hand washing and process controls. They are ideal for a wide range of different installations where users may be at risk or where accurate water control is demanded for any applications. The TS4503 and TS4753 are approved to TMV3 standards.

thermostatic shower valveThermostatic Shower Valves

Thermostatic shower valves create the perfect atmosphere anywhere. Dual controls that operate both water flow and temperature or a single control for both water flow and temperature in simple action. Once set, the thermostatic control technology maintains the chosen temperature, regardless of other water users. However, the main attributes to this range of showers are that they have been designed to be simple to install and are compatible with all plumbing systems. The showers can be combined with flexible slide rail accessories or as a concealed fitting with a fixed shower head. The TS1850 dual control shower valve and the TS1503 single control shower valve are approved to TMV3 standards.

Bath Shower Mixers

These bath shower mixers deliver thermostatically controlled mixed water to the shower and conventional hot and cold water to the bath (BSM3000 delivers thermostatically controlled water via bath fill also). The bath and shower mixer has a single sequential control that operates from the off position, through cold to hot, and hot and cold bath fill through conventional bath taps. The BSM3000 has a single sequential control that operates in the same manner, but also incorporates a diverter to switch the thermostatic flow between the shower and bath fill. Both styles are available with flexible slide rail accessories, rigid risers or a fixed wall bracket and flexible hose and handset.

water economy & timed flow controlsWater Economy & Timed Flow Controls

The MEFC1000 is a push button vandal-resistant water control that provides a timed flow of water of at least 45 seconds to a shower or hand washing facility. Designed to save water and heating costs in unsupervised washing areas, the MEFC1000 is easy to operate, even by users with reduced mobility.

The TPT100 and TPT200 Non-concussive push taps are designed in much the same way, with a timed flow water delivery aimed at reducing water consumption and heating costs. The TPT200 delivers mixed water and incorporates a temperature control lever. The TPT100 push taps are available in hot or cold fittings.The timed flow controls are suitable for use in Schools, sports and leisure facilities, hospitals, holiday camps, camping and caravan sites, commercial premises, institutions and public access washrooms, and are designed for water supplied via a thermostatic mixing valve.

Special Needs Showering

Complying with the TMV3 Scheme, these special needs shower and accessories combine to make it easier for those with limited mobility to take a shower. The ergonomically designed lever provides easy purchase to allow adjustment of water temperature within an acceptable preset thermostatic range, whilst the hand set has been developed for ease of operation and grip. For added security and piece of mind the riser rail acts as a grab rail and fitted next to the valve is a L-shaped grab rail, both aid stability and increase mobility in the shower.

shower panelsSirrus DocM

The Sirrus DocM showering and changing room packs are LANTAC approved and have been designed to provide all the necessary sanitary items to comply with Document M of the Building Regulations 2000 and B.S.8300. Both products come in a simple one-box solution and simplify the specification of special needs showers and changing rooms in public places.

Additional information

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