safety thermostatic valves including NHS Estates Model Engineering Specification DO8, temperature stop valves complying with BS1415 part 2 suitable for high and low pressure systems, commercial and healthcare applications
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The NHS TMV Scheme

“It is imperative that patients, residents and staff are not scalded by water issuing at unbearable or dangerous temperatures from outlet fittings in healthcare and premises used by the public.”

Each thermostatic valve has undergone third party testing to the requirements of the NHS Estates Model Engineering Specification DO8, and has been awarded a licence by the TMV Scheme, certifying that they are suitable for use as Type 3.

The Health Guidance Note (HGN) makes reference to three types of valves:

Type 1 - A mechanical mixing valve with maximum temperature stop including single lever taps.

Type 2 - A thermostatic mixing valve with maximum temperature stop, complying with BS1415 part 2.

Type 3 - A thermostatic mixing valve with enhanced thermal performance complying with NHS Estates purchasing specification DO8.

Type 3 Thermostatic Mixing Valves are suitable for use when the hot and cold water supplies to the valves are normally within the limits specified in table 1 below for each operating range. Only thermostatic mixing valves with no user-accessible adjustment of the mixed water temperature should be used where more than one outlet may discharge simultaneously when operated by more than one user at the same time.

Type 3 Thermostatic Mixing Valves having user-accessible adjustment may not be used for supplying two different maximum mixed water temperatures; e.g. Bath/shower mixers unless the movement of the diverter mechanism or some other device will automatically adjust the temperature to the maximum mixed water temperature allowed for that mixed water outlet.

Operating Pressure Range High Pressure Low Pressure
Maximum static pressure - bar
Flow pressure, hot and cold - bar
1 to 5
0.2 to 1
Hot supply temperature - °C
52 to 65
52 to 65
Cold supply temperature - °C
5 to 20
5 to 20


Additional information

If you cannot find what you are looking for or need further assistance with safety thermostatic valves, please contact us.

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