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Shower Enclosures

You don’t necessarily need a lot of space to install a shower enclosure, but it is important to plan it properly.

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You need to have enough space to move around, hang towels and store toiletries as well as having some privacy and easy access. The size of your enclosure will generally be determined by where you want to install it and the size and shape of shower tray you purchase. The most common shapes are square, quadrant (quarter-circle), offset quadrant, pentagonal and rectangular. If you have the room, all of these can be installed separately to your bath, or you may decide to replace your bath entirely with a larger walk-in enclosure. A showerbath, which is wider at one end than the other gives you a generous showering space when you need it but means you can also have a long soak.

A shower enclosure can be purchased ready-made and is made up of several different components, generally a shower tray, glass shower door and side panel which need to be assembled and installed together in whichever location of the room you choose. A popular option is to position the enclosure in a corner of the room in order to make use of two existing walls, which you would tile, and then use a glass shower door and side panel to act as the third and fourth walls.

A different approach is to build your shower into an alcove or recessed area which already has 3 walls, which means you no longer need the shower side panels. This may give you a cost saving on the shower products, but may be more labour-intensive to construct, particularly if you are creating the alcove with stud walls.

A walk-in enclosure typically consists of a larger, rectangular shower tray, with a fixed curved screen at one end which does not return completely to the wall. You take your shower behind this screen and can step back into a drier area within the enclosure to dry yourself. There are no moving parts with this type of enclosure which makes getting in and out quick and easy, and with no door opening out into the room, you don’t drip water every time you open it.

Alternatively, you could go for a wet-room look, which is a totally waterproof room, or part of a room, where the floor is your shower tray and is fitted with a shower waste outlet for the water to drain away. There is quite a lot to do to make a wet room work and you should seek professional advice before you begin. The floor must be rigid and raised by about 5cm to make room for the waste fittings and needs to slope towards the waste outlet. You will also need to tile all the walls (ceramic or stone tiles are best) to make the entire room waterproof. If you don’t have a defined showering area, you may decide to add a glass screen instead to protect the rest of your bathroom fittings from getting soaked every time you shower, and in any case, a wall-hung toilet and sink may be your best choice of suite fittings since they will allow any surplus water to drain away and make cleaning the floor easier.

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If you cannot find what you are looking for or need further assistance in choosing a shower enclosure, please contact us.

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