shower handsets including chrome and ceramic classic styles, suitable for all types of shower including electric, power showers, mixers and venturi available in a range of styles
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Shower Handsets

types of showerShaped like a telephone receiver and sporting a ceramic handle and circular chrome spray head, this look is the most instantly recognisable shower handset which hangs neatly on a bath cradle. This shape is still very popular and ideal for a more classic bathroom look.

For the best in contemporary chic, however, a simple, conical, microphone-shaped handset is the pinnacle of modern style.

To see additional handsets, hoses and rails click here.

Additional information

If you cannot find what you are looking for or need further assistance with choosing shower handsets, please contact us.

Click on bathroom suppliers for a list of your nearest local suppliers of quality shower and shower accessories throughout the uk.


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