shower heads and hand sets including fixed head, body jets, hand sets and riser rails, for ceiling or wall mounting, recessed suitable for all types of shower delivery systems
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Shower Heads

If the shower valve is the work horse of the shower, then the head is the peacock. Here design is king and you can let your imagination run free.

While fixed head showers recessed into the wall undoubtedly create the most luxurious and streamlined look, there are practical considerations to take into account as well.

Do you have a separate bath with a bath shower mixer that can be used for washing your hair? If not, perhaps you need a supplementary shower head on an adjustable riser or to substitute your fixed shower head for an adjustable head.

Water delivery is another important factor. If you want a shower that falls like summer rain then a larger shower rose is the ideal choice. Remember though, this type of shower can discharge a large volume of water, so make sure your water system can cope with it. There is a perception that with shower heads, the bigger the better. A bigger head does not necessarily mean a more powerful shower, this is governed by the shower valve.

Perhaps you want a shower head that can be adjusted for different types of water delivery to suit your mood. For this you will need a multi-mode shower head as opposed to a single mode shower head. A champagne flow is ideal for a relaxing, luxurious shower, but to have the option to switch to a pulse motion to massage away your tension is often important.

To see additional handsets, hoses and rails click here.

Finally consider the practicalities. Everyone hates cleaning so look for shower heads that have a rub clean finish. This will help prevent the build up of unsightly limescale. Simply run the shower head under the tap and it is clean.

Shower Heads

shower hoses
Shower Hoses

It is often ignored that the shower hose can actually effect the shower's performance. Click shower hoses for more information.

fixed shower heads
Fixed Shower Heads

Fixed head showers provide a stylish and slick look to your bathroom. Click fixed shower head for more information.

shower bodyjets
Shower Bodyjets

In addition to the customary shower head, body jets may also be fitted to vary the direction of water spray in your shower. Click shower bodyjets for more information.

shower handsets
Shower Handsets

The style of shower handset can really compliment the overall feel of your bathroom and provides the versatility of being either hand held or mounted in a cradle. Click shower handsets for more information.


Additional information

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